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Catholic Momcast

Jul 22, 2021

This week, our guest is Barb Szyszkiewicz, author of The Handy Little Guide to Prayer.  Barb chats with Danielle Bean about what prayer is and why it is important.

Barb and Danielle discuss ways to make prayer a regular part of your everyday routines and share ideas for new ways to pray and encouragement for those who struggle with prayer.

The Handy Little Guide to Prayer is an excellent resource that can support you in your daily prayer life and inspire you to pray more, but it is also a handy toll for evangelization. Keeping some copies in your bag or in your car for handing out to others is a great, no-too-pushy way to encourage others in their prayer lives.

And ... bonus content! Barb has put together a Spotify playlist to accompany The Handy Little Guide to Prayer. You might enjoy praying as you listen to the beautiful and inspiring music she has gathered here.