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Catholic Momcast

Apr 10, 2018

(Please note that this episode contains discussion of mature topics, like sex and pornography, from a CatholicMom perspective.)

Does anyone even "date" anymore? Not really. And what does that sad fact mean for young people, their relationships, and the future of the Church and our families today?

In this week's episode, Danielle Bean chats with Chris Meehan, star of The Dating Project, an upcoming documentary that looks at the state of male/female relationships in the age of hook-ups and casual sex.

The film profiles 5 single people (Chris Meehan is one of them) and their experiences in the world of "dating" in today's culture.

The film also highlights the work of Kerry Cronin, PhD, a Boston College professor who takes on the topic of dating in her classrooms, giving her students an assignment to engage in "dating" the old-fashioned way. Cronin's rules for dating and her students' responses to her assignment are fascinating.

In this episode of the Catholic Momcast, Chris Meehan shares his own perspective as a single, Catholic 40-something and what he has learned about himself and ur culture through his participation in The Dating Project. This is an important conversation you will not want to miss!

As a special bonus, we also have an exclusive Q&A Valerie Meehan, on the topic of dating, praying for our kids, and parenting young adults in a sexually liberated world. Check out the whole interview at!