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Catholic Momcast

May 21, 2020

Allison Gingras and Danielle Bean discuss the popular concept of "self care" for women. What does it mean? How do you do it? What if you wouldn't really enjoy or can't really afford a "spa day"? What are some basic ways we can learn to care for ourselves and support our general peace, health, and wellbeing that truly make up what "self care" really is?

Allison and Danielle share ideas about how eating well and exercising, sticking to a budget, and staying on top of everyday chores are some rather unglamorous and yet effective ways to care for yourself.

What are your thoughts about self care? And how are you holding up during this time of quarantine? Let us know how you are doing! We love to hear from you with feedback, questions & ideas for future podcast topics. Email us at or send us a voicemail or connect on social media.