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Catholic Momcast

Nov 30, 2022

About the Book: Why do we kneel and bow during Mass? Do Catholics believe the bread and wine really become the Body and Blood of Christ? Why can’t the preacher pick his own Scripture readings? What are those secret prayers the priest is whispering at the altar? The Catholic Mass is full of symbolism, ritual, and tradition, which means there’s a lot to understand! Have questions? You’re not alone. Welcome to Mass Class! Paulist Father Dave Dwyer has been answering questions like these for years as host of The Busted Halo Show on SiriusXM. The show’s popular Mass Class segment has helped thousands of inquisitive callers understand the “why” behind the rituals that fill our churches every Sunday. Based entirely on questions from the show over many years, this book conveys the real-life concern, joyful discovery, and practical guidance callers experience when they talk with Father Dave each weeknight. 

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