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Catholic Momcast

Mar 18, 2024

Heidi Hess Saxton and Maria Morera Johnson discuss the story of Heidi's conversion to Catholicism and the first time she received the sacraments, 30 years ago at the Easter Vigil.

Sep 11, 2023

CatholicMom Prayercast hosts Heidi Hess Saxton and Maria Morera Johnson have an intimate conversation about Heidi's prayer journey.

Heidi Hess Saxton is senior acquisitions editor for Ave Maria Press, and editor of The Ave Prayer Book for Catholic Mothers. She and her husband Craig live in northern Michigan with their...

Aug 15, 2023

CatholicMom editor Maria Morera Johnson and contributor Heidi Hess Saxton welcome Fr Fred Jenga, President of Holy Cross Family Ministries, to a new podcast on prayer.

In this inaugural episode of CatholicMom Prayercast, co-hosts Maria Johnson and Heidi Saxton welcome the President of Holy Cross Family Ministries,...

Jul 5, 2023

Allison Gingras and Bayleigh Westerlund interview Ana Barraza, an international bilingual speaker and Special Education teacher with certifications in Digital Evangelization and Catholic Digital Entrepreneurship. Ana is the creator of Catholicus, a Catholic entrepreneurship to facilitating the encounter with Jesus and...

Feb 1, 2023

Lisa Hendey and Maria Morera Johnson share a conversation with Robert Fernandez, founder of Herald Entertainment and creator of the Brother Francis series, and a writer, director, and producer. Robert shares how a deep spiritual experience led him to the work of creating family-friendly entertainment that’s innovating...