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Catholic Momcast

Aug 31, 2022

Lisa Hendey is joined by Dr. Gregory and Lisa Popcak of Pastoral Solutions. The Popcaks serve as co-founders of the Peyton Institute for Domestic Church Life and the creators of CatholicHÔM. On this episode, they share all about the new CatholicHÔM app and what the “Liturgy of Domestic Church Life” really means for today’s families. 

Show Notes: - CatholicHÔM stands for Catholic Households on Mission. What’s the mission? To help each other love like Christ. CatholicHÔM is the first-ever digital platform dedicated to helping Catholic families encounter Christ more meaningfully at home and draw closer to each other by living the Liturgy of Domestic Church Life. 

The CatholicHOM app (in the Google Play and Apple stores) 

Peyton Institute for Domestic Church Life 

How Our Family Prays Each Day: A Read-Aloud Story for Catholic Families - Author: Gregory K. Popcak, Illustrated by: Jacob Flores-Popcak