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Catholic Momcast

Jun 3, 2021

This week, Lisa Hendey and Danielle Bean discuss the idea of "beginning again." We all have moments in life where our regular routines and commitments get interrupted and then, after a time, we need to come back to our old ways and assess which things we want to pick up again.

Lisa shares about the process of doing this after being away and mourning the recent loss of her mother. After a time of grieving, it can be good to get back to old routines, but also good to decide which ones are most worthy of our time and energy.

Danielle discusses what this process has been like for her and her family after being locked down with Covid for some time. We all need to discern what we will begin again, and what, perhaps, we are OK with leaving behind.

How about you? What has this process been like for you? How have you been "beginning again" this spring? Send us your feedback, comments, and questions by email at